Meet our Doctors

Ray Phillip, DVM

Chief of Dentistry

Dentistry, Primary Care

After undergraduate studies at the University of Maryland and veterinary school at the University of Tennessee, I arrived as an intern at Friendship in 1992, and I never left! I have seen many changes at the hospital over the years. I am amazed at how the building and services have progressed and grown. For many years after my internship, I rotated through surgery, urgent care, and primary care. In 2006 I realized that Friendship really needed to offer more animal dental care. The dental service grew rapidly, to the point that I was able to concentrate solely on the service. We now offer a high end primary care dental service, which helps the overall health of our patients.

Throughout my career I have been supported (maintained is probably a better word) by my very patient wife Teresa. We were blessed with four (now adult) children. An avid sports fan, I grew up rooting for the Orioles, Capitals, and the Washington Football Team. But the Capitals are an obsession. My father took me to the Capitals’ first ever game in 1974, and I was hooked on hockey and the Caps. They tried my patience many years with playoff disappointments. But June 7, 2018, the day they won the Cup, was the sixth best day of my life (I have to write it that way, after wedding day and four kids’ birthdays, because they might read this!). If I am not in town and not at a dental conference, you can probably find me either at a metal concert, or in my favorite fun spot, Las Vegas!

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