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Micki Armour, VMD, DACVO




I grew up in Chevy Chase and attended the Holton-Arms School in Bethesda, Maryland. When I was growing up in the area, my own pets were patients at Friendship Hospital for Animals. My husband Phil and I have 3 sons, Brayden, Finn and Eric. I enjoy running, skiing, ice hockey (go Caps!) and being active with the boys. My first-born “children” Brody (a black lab) and Sam (a boxer) love to hike in Great Falls park.

Clinical Areas of Interest

I enjoy offering the gold standard of medical and surgical care for ophthalmic diseases in our pets. In particular, I enjoy collaboration with human ophthalmologists in the field of corneal diseases, glaucoma and cataracts.

About Armour Veterinary Ophthalmology

Armour Veterinary Ophthalmology brings excellent ophthalmic care to patients within the District of Columbia. My team focuses on exceptional quality while providing the highest standards of patient care and client communication. I offer specialty services including phacoemulsification for cataracts, endocyclophotocoagulation for glaucoma, medical management of chronic dry eye and revolutionizing corneal disease therapy.

I am so excited to join the innovative team at Friendship Hospital for Animals. The doctors and staff are so friendly and caring; it is wonderful to work as a collective group where general practitioners, emergency veterinarians and specialty veterinarians can all provide the best care for your pet.


  • BS – Colby College
  • VMD – University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Rotating Internship – Red Bank Veterinary Hospital
  • Residency – Tustin, California

Board Certifications

  • Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists

Publications and Research

Journal Publications

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  • Rosalie M. Atkins, Micki D. Armour and Jennifer A. Hyman Surgical outcome of cats treated for aqueous humor misdirection syndrome: a case series. Veterinary Ophthalmology. Volume 19, Issue S1, July 2016, Pages: 136–142


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on the iridocorneal angle in enucleated goniodysgenic canine eyes. MD Armour* and LB Teixeira
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