Jul 19

What to Chew and What Not to Chew…… That is the Question?

What to Chew and What Not to Chew…….. That is the Question?

We all love treating our furry friends with some sweet and delicious goods, but did you know most dog chews may be too tough for our little ones?! Sure, all dogs would love to gnaw on a bone from the butcher’s shop or a succulent deer antler, but these items may be damaging your companions’ pearly whites. Firm and hard dog chews may cause damage to a pets tooth enamel and also cause them to fracture certain teeth.

Primary care veterinarian, Dr. Nicole Diaz, has this rule of thumb: if you can see your nail print when pressed on the chews surface, it is likely soft enough for your pup’s mouth. Look for products with the “VOHC” or Veterinary Oral Health Care Council seal. Here is a link to veterinary approved dental chews that are sure to make your pups very happy!



nicole-diazDr. Diaz graduated from the University of Florida and joined Friendship in 2015. Dr. Diaz completed her internship at Friendship in 2016 and has been a staff doctor ever since. Her professional interests include shelter medicine and international outreach.


*Featured image courtesy of Keysborough Veterinary Practice.

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