May 24

Trazadone and Biting Behavior

You asked: I have a Boxer mix that was put on Trazadone for fear aggression. It worked! 
A blessing – but why does it work?
Humans have the DSM for psychiatric issue does veterinary medicine have the same?

Dr. Schultz answered: Often, dogs bite as a result of a fear or anxiety response to certain situations or stimuli.  Some dogs are more impulsive and may be triggered to bite more readily and with less warning than other dogs. Trazadone inhibits the reuptake of dopamine and serotonin in the brain which can lead to mild sedation and reduced anxiety. This is how it may result in fewer bites in some pets.  It is important to remember that no medication will prevent a dog that bites from biting all the time!

We do not have a DSM equivalent for pets.

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Kim SchultzDr. Schultz graduated from Cornell University in 1997 and joined Friendship in 2004. Dr. Schultz enjoys helping people and their pets in a direct way. Her professional interests include emergency medicine and general practice.



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