Jan 25

Remembering Donal McKeown

Remembering Donal McKeown

Friendship clients from the 60’s and 70’s will be sad to learn of the recent death of Donal McKeown. Dr. McKeown was a co-owner and partner of Dr. William Ready and Dr. Harvey Cowan.   He practiced at Friendship from 1958 to 1974. Following his service at Friendship, Dr. McKeown returned to his native Canada and taught at the Ontario Veterinary College.  

Dr. McKeown recently returned to the Washington area to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the D.C. Academy of Veterinary Medicine, one of the oldest and largest continuing education groups for veterinarians in North America. He was honored as a Past President (1968) of the organization. Dr. McKeown was the recipient of numerous teaching and research awards including the prestigious Canadian Animal health Institute Award for Innovation and Leadership. The award recognizes outstanding accomplishments in the field of Canadian animal health.

The influence of Donal McKeown as well as Harvey Cowan and Bill Ready on Friendship Hospital for Animals cannot be overstated. Together they established a hospital culture that impacts us today. Their dedication to quality medical care for our patients and quality client care continues to drive our efforts eighty years after Friendship was first established. We are forever indebted to Dr. McKeown and the others who established Friendship’s foundation.


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