Nov 06

Fluffy’s Candy Drawer

Fluffy’s Candy Drawer

While we all try and stay healthy and lean, from time to time we cannot help but go down the cookie and candy isle in the grocery store. But with it being only a week after Halloween, there is candy temptation all throughout the house! Stay strong……. for both you and especially your pet. Fluffy can have a “candy” drawer,” just make sure that it is stocked with pet friendly, healthy options. So the next time you go to the grocery store you can pick up some low calorie, unconventional snacks for both you and your pup. Items can include Rice Cakes (unflavored and unseasoned), Air-Popped popcorn, canned green beans, Cheerios (plain), and the classic peanut butter. Adding these items in moderation on top of a well balanced dog food are a sure way to make your little ones smile!

Happy snacking!




nicole-diazDr. Diaz graduated from the University of Florida and joined Friendship in 2015. Dr. Diaz completed her internship at Friendship in 2016 and has been a staff doctor ever since. Her professional interests include shelter medicine and international outreach.



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