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Dressing-up Fido and Friends

Dressing-up Fido and Friends

Halloween was a success….. as far as pet costumes go that is! If you read Friendship’s blog from yesterday, “Trick-or-Treat Fido Has Come to Eat,” then you would have read about the significant and steady increase in the pet population that partakes in dressing-up in a Halloween costume. Over the past twelve years, the National Retail Federation (NRF) states that the Halloween pet costume industry has become a $350 million dollar industry! Where 28.6 million people dress-up their furry companion.

The most popular pet costume this year was predicted to be dressing-up like a pumpkin. We received a few of those submissions! Also submitted, was a lion, predicted to be the #3 pet costume; a bumblebee, which took the #4 spot; and finally a devil, which was #5 on the pet costume prediction list.

Friendship Hospital for Animals hopes you enjoy seeing pictures of “Fido and Friends” dressing-up for Halloween this year!

The Pumpkins

Kino the pumpkin.
Monty the pumpkin.
Baby Girl the lady bug and Coco the pumpkin.

















The Lion

Frank the lion, with best bud Milly the elephant.










The Lone Bumblebee

Akanya the Bee.









The Vampire (…. not quite a devil, but pretty close)

Jarvis the vampire.









And Friends

Frank as American Pharaoh and trusty jockey Victor Espinoza (a.k.a. Milly).











Dodger the skeleton.
Paul the cowboy.








Cooper the lobster.
Skull and cross-bones kitty.
Niko the dinosaur.












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*All images courtesy of Friendship Hospital for Animals.

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