Nov 04

COVID-19 – Client Guidelines & Updates

Updated November 4, 2022:


As of Monday November 7, 2022:

  • One person per patient is permitted into the building.
  • Masks are optional inside of the hospital – if you are experiencing symptoms of illness, we kindly ask that you remain masked.
  • Clients may use the first floor lobby and front patio to optimize social distancing
  • Scheduled specialty appointments will remain curbside but clients are welcome to use the facilities, as needed. If you have questions about your pet’s specialty appointment, please contact the department directly.
  • Due to limited exam room availability, Emergency and/or Urgent Care cases may be discussed by phone. 
  • Clients must stay near the premises for the duration of a patient’s visit unless otherwise directed by the doctor on his or her case.
  • Clients may visit hospitalized patients (one client at a time). 
  • Masking status is subject to change in the event of breakthrough COVID cases or increased hospitalization rates for our area.

Friendship remains committed to our team and our community.

While we remain fully operational, in-person consults and examinations are limited.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we navigate this together.

If you are feeling ill or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 and your pet needs to be seen on an urgent or emergency basis, please let us know so we may implement additional measures and protocols to ensure our safety, while still meeting your pets’ medical needs.

If you are feeling ill or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 and your pet is scheduled for an elective or wellness visit, please reschedule as soon as possible.

Emergency, urgent care, and walk-ins:

  • Please call ahead if you are able: 202-363-7300
  • Upon arrival, please check in with our front desk team.
  • Our staff will promptly retrieve your pet and obtain authorization for initial diagnostics, if needed.
  • After the doctor has completed an assessment and/or exam, he or she will contact you by phone to discuss next steps. 
  • If your pet is going to be admitted to the hospital, an estimate will be emailed to you and your deposit paid online.
  • If your pet is here for an outpatient visit, take home information and invoices will be emailed.  
  • Deposits and payments will be collected via
  • Doctors and staff will update you on your pet’s progress. Due to high caseload and high call volume, we ask that clients not call for updates. Unexpected interruptions divert attention from our patients and can cause significant delays in workflow.

All scheduled Primary Care wellness visits, non-routine appointments, and tech appointments:

  • One person per patient is permitted inside the building.
  • Proceed to the lobby to be checked in at your appointment time.
  • Check-out at the front desk before you leave.

General Surgery and Dental:


  • Bring signed estimate and consent (if not previously emailed to the hospital.)
  • One person per patient is permitted inside the building.
  • Proceed to the lobby to be checked in at the time directed by the service.


  • Discharges will be reviewed by phone after your pet’s procedure and emailed.
  • Check-out at the front desk when you arrive to pick up your pet and medications.

Specialty appointments:

  • Refer to the check-in instructions provided by the department you are scheduled to see. 

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community:

  • To schedule an appointment, please LiveChat or call ahead, as usual.
  • Emergency/Urgent Care/Walk-in, please call ahead if you are able.
  • Our staff will provide you instructions for how to text us when you arrive at the hospital.
  • Appointment and hospitalization updates will be conducted via text.

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