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Should I Be Concerned if My Dog’s Eye is Going Grey?

Should I Be Concerned if My Dog’s Eye is Going Grey?

Have you noticed your older pet’s eyes starting to look a little hazy?  As pets get older, there are two common conditions that can cause the eye to look grey.  One of those conditions is that the lens is in the center of the eye, which helps the eye to focus.  However, as pets age there are normal changes in the lens of the eye and the greying is a result of those changes.

The second condition is, as pets age the fibers in the lens naturally get more dense and compact, creating a greyish blue haze to the center of the eye.  This condition is called lenticular sclerosis or nuclear sclerosis, and does not typically compromise vision.

Image courtesy of Vet Vine.

A lot of the times, people confuse this with cataracts. Cataracts are due to an opacity within the lens and can lead to blindness depending on the size of the cataract.  Cataracts do not need to necessarily be treated, but can cause secondary problems such as uveitis (inflammation in the eye).  If cataracts cause a pet to become blind, the cataracts can be surgically removed.

If you are concerned that your pet is uncomfortable, such as the eye is red or if the vision is suddenly compromised, we recommend having your pet evaluated right away.  If you are suspicious of a cataract or a subtle decline in vision, please make an appointment with your primary care veterinarian.


Dr. Nicola Moore graduated from Virginia Tech College of Veterinary Medicine and joined Friendship in 2008, where she completed her internship in 2009. Dr. Moore stayed on as part of Friendship’s Primary Care and Emergency & Critical Care teams. Her professional interests include endocrinology, geriatric feline wellness care, and promoting the client/vet/animal bond.



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